Man hit over head with skateboard in Red Lion

Devin Flaharty

Devin Flaharty

A Red Lion man was attacked by three men and hit over the head with a skateboard. It happened on Friday night around 10:44pm in the parking lot of the Wells Fargo Bank located at 1 North Main Street in Red Lion Borough. Guy Verdinelli, 38, was found unconscious and bleeding from the back of the head by arriving police officers. According to witnesses, Verdinelli and two females were walking through the parking lot when they were approached by three males, described as two white males and one black male. When the trio started to harass the females, Verdinelli told them to back “back off.”

Verdinelli and the females started to walk away and the three assailants escalated their harassment,  pushing and attempting to hit Verdinelli. One of the females started calling 911 and then one of the three males struck Verdinelli from behind, striking him in the head with a skate board. Verdinelli fell to the ground. Witnesses say the black male punched him in the head “four or five times” while Verdinelli was lying on the ground in the parking lot. The three males then fled the area on foot.

York Area Regional units arrived quickly on scene and through witness statements identified the actor that struck Verdinelli with the skate board as 18 year old Devin Flaharty of Windsor Township. Verdinelli, who was still unconscious, was taken to York Hospital for treatment. A warrant for Aggravated Assault was obtained for Flaharty’s arrest.

On Sunday 8/24/2014 at approx. 9:43 pm Flaharty was taken into custody without incident by officers from Hellam Township at a residence in their area that York Area Regional Officers requested they check. Flaharty was taken to Central Booking for arraignment.

The identities of the other two attackers is still being investigated and anyone with information about their identities or this incident is asked to contact York Area Regional Police Officer Adam Cohick at; 717-741-1259.