Mom charged with stashing $143 of stolen merchandise in daughter’s backpacks

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CARLISLE, Pa. (WPMT)-A Carlisle woman is facing charges after police say she stole items from Walmart and concealed them in her 5 and 7 year-old daughter’s backpacks.

Takeshia Wright, 27, is charged with retail theft and corruption of minors.

The incident happened Friday at Walmart along the first block of Noble Boulevard in Carlisle.

According to police reports, Wright stole $143 in clothing and school supplies and left the store without paying for it. She allegedly concealed the merchandise in her daughter’s backpacks.

Wright was stopped and taken into custody.  The children were placed with a relative.

Wright was taken to Cumberland County Booking Center for processing and later released.


  • Helen

    What a sorry excuse of a mother-teaching her children to steal! Disgusting human being, unfit to be a parent!!!!

    • Robert

      I feel for this mother who probably was in financial distress and had to go to this extreme to be able to provide for her children for school.

  • Hope

    This is a terrible thing to steal with your children with you but I can show some sympathy because being a parent isnt cheap :-(

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