Man pulls gun in Giant parking lot, chases victims

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A man threatened people in a vehicle in the parking lot of Giant, 4211 Union Deposit Road Tuesday evening. The man was backing up in a white Ford pickup truck and the victims yelled at him to stop before he ran into their vehicle. The suspect pulled a hand gun from his glove compartment and, while holding it, approached the victims’ vehicle yelling at them. They quickly drove away. Although the white truck followed them, they were able to get away and call police. Video at Giant is being reviewed in an effort to identify the suspect who is described as being a “tanned skinned” male with a “half-grown beard” and wearing a black shirt and long shorts. The suspect was also wearing a holster on his belt.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Lower Paxton Township Police Department at (717) 657-5656 or the anonymous Tip-Line at (717) 724-8317.

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