Police find people living in deplorable conditions in Enola

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East Pennsboro Police say they found a family living in deplorable and unsafe conditions in Enola. Officers and an employee of Children and Youth Services were called to a home in the first block of East Beale Avenue Monday afternoon.  James and Stephanie Brennan live at the home.

DSC_0257When they were left inside, they say they were overwhelmed by the odor of feces and urine. One officer said his eyes teared up and he found it difficult to breathe. There were large piles of clothing and debris throughout the home, according to court documents. The clutter made it difficult to move.

DSC_0264There were holes on the second floor that passed clear through to the first floor. Three cats and two dogs live at the home as well. Officers found dead mice throughout the home and a decomposing cat. Additionally, there was standing water and maggots in the kitchen sink.

DSC_0314The bathroom sink was cluttered and unusable. The toilet was filthy and had feces in it. Officers say there was no food in the home. Piles of feces were everywhere, even on the children’s beds, according to court documents. Stephanie Brennan said the children usually sleep in the living room or on a loveseat outside the home.

DSC_0345Charges of Recklessly Endangering and Endangering the Welfare of Children were filed against filed against James D. and Stephanie Marie Brennan.


  • Ryan Sellman

    That house needs to be demolished, and the couple needs to be sterilized so that they can never breed again.

    • Sarah

      Wow that’s so sad and so unsafe for those children .. Those parents need to be fixed so they can’t make any more kids, and the house should be either demolished or completely scrubbed down and cleaned !! Those parents need jail time definately for leaving there kids live like that ..

  • kevin

    this was my childhood home growing up chokes me up to see something like that it’s a half a double god forbid the people that live next door

  • kevin

    it was such a beautiful home when we live there how people can let something like that go to hell I do not understand there’s a disease somewhere that causes people to do something like that

  • Blanche

    Those parents should be made to clean and scrub every inch of that home. Then steralize them. Those poor kids and pets!

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