Police investigate brutal home invasion in Lancaster

Police are looking for two masked men who terrorized a family in Lancaster.

Police say both men were armed, and they broke into an apartment on the 100-block of East Walnut Street. They shot through the door, and the apartment is covered in blood and shattered glass.

“I’m just stunned and saddened that this is happening right here,” says landlord Jim Bushong. He says the family lived there for five years, and they’re not staying there now because they’re traumatized.

Police say they shot one man inside in the leg, and pistol-whipped a 9-year-old girl.

“Then to attack an innocent 9-year-old child that had nothing to do with anything, it’s just ridiculous,” Lt. Todd Umstead of Lancaster City Police.

They demanded money, and police say the attack was targeted, not random.

Both victims were taken to the hospital and are recovering. Police say they’re hoping surveillance images will help them identify the suspects.