8 year old bitten by pit bull in Steelton

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Dawn Wright and Steven Vujasinovich

An eight year-old boy was “severely bitten” by a pit bull in Steelton, according to a police report. It happened on Tuesday, around 6:18pm in the the 700 block of South River Alley.  The boy was riding a scooter with several other children on River Alley when the dog apparently crawled under an opening in it’s fenced-in yard. After the dog escaped it charged the boy and began biting him including his face and lower leg. Police credit a brave neighbor for immediately intervening. He pulled and punched the pit bull until it let go of the child. The boy was transported to Harrisburg Hospital Emergency Room by ambulance. Police identified the owners of the dog  as Dawn Wright and Steven Vujasinovich. Both defendants will be receiving several violations of the Dog Law including : Dangerous Dog; Dog License; Vaccination Required and Failure to Confine.

Police say this is the second time there has been a problem with a pit bull in this same area but this is not the same dog.


  • Josh

    Go **explicit** yourselves. Pits are wonderful dogs. Please come back when you report about a lab biting someone… After all, they ARE the breed with most bites in America. **explicit**

    • sosfdavido

      Go **explicit** yourself. Labs are wonderful dogs. Please come back when you have a story about a lab killing someone. Pits are the breed with the most fatalities.

  • Cali holtzinger

    Thank you Josh! I could not have said it better myself. So sick and tired of one sided reporting. There are hundreds of other breeds and thousands of mix combinations. I would love to see DNA tests done on the dogs that bite so we have an actual accurate report with the REAL breed published and not just what the dog looks like and could possibly be a mix of.

  • bev

    they had the dog in a fenced in yard. so how can they get charged with failure to contain? just a question, not saying for or against pitts.

    • Stacey

      Having a fenced in yard is not enough. It has to be high enough to keep dog in. Owner also has to maintain the fence and area around the fence. Even if the dog just dug that hole that day the owner has the responsibility to watch he does not dig his way out. My dog was a digger. Broke him of that. But still keep an eye on him when he is outside.

  • Slade Tommie

    We all know that is how any dog is treated and trained that causes things like this. So it if things like this does happen, it’s not the dog’s fault

  • Kim

    As an animal lover myself and one who trys to find pits homes I think it’s REALLY SAD how people are only concerned about the dog and NOT THE CHILD. ….I hope the child is OK

  • Hope

    Wtf?? Just because the owners fail to train their dog the right way doesn’t mean to punish the dog for it. Come one common sense people. Obviously the **explicit** people don’t have any. Stop disgracing the pitbull race.

    • Michelle

      I know these people and the dog is very friendly what the report failed to say was this child had been throwing things at the dog while fenced in for weeks tormenting him. This dog is a big baby people need to teach their children not to bother contained dogs. The article made it sound much worse the skin was barely broken.

  • Anthony Baez

    I agree with Michelle these yung Bulls in steelton throw rocks at this pitt behind my house all the time i wish he would get out to bite them its never the dogs fault either the owner or the provoker.

  • Crystal Brown

    My thoughts too. It was fenced in. My question though is was the kids teasing the dog. I have had numerous pits and pit mixes in the house growing up and they never attacked. Hell 2 of them found a way to get out of our yard and attended the church out back. Oh and this was in Harrisburg too.

  • Don

    Hey I live behind these people and they got there dog where I got mine. That dog would not hurt anyone. That boy lives right down the street and the parents are never outside with the child. He has been going around instigating the dogs on our block. So if anyone is to blame is the **explicit** parents, watch ur **explicit** kids and this **explicit** will not happen.

  • charlie

    I lived behind dawn as well beside don and I know for a fact this dog was not mean. He was a big baby and I used to pet him when I seen him outside. Those ratchet ass kids do that **explicit** all the time. I was never once frightened by him nor did he try to eat me or my kids. Its sad for the child as well but please don’t push this on pits. I’ve run into some nasty shepherds, labs, and jack Russell’s… its all about the personality, not the breed.

  • Hanna

    i use to be scared of them but now i think they are just big babies my friends have pit bulls and i never got close to them till just a few month ago and it turned out they are the sweetest dogs, all dogs can be vicious it all depends on how they are raised not just pitt bulls ,,it could be a lab a boxer a cocker spaniel or any type of dog if you raise them right they are the most wonderful dogs

  • Courtney

    Its not the dog, it’s the owner. My pitty loves kids. Clearly this couple didn’t do a very good job raising the dog. Punish them. Let the dog live.

    As for kid, that sucks. Hope he’s alright.

    Let this be a lesson: if you dont know how to properly raise an animal, don’t adopt one. Dumbasses these days

    • Don

      Hey ass hole before u speed understand how it happened. The little boy instigate these dogs on our block everyday by throwing stones and sticks at them. The open the gate and went into the yard without permission and where are the **explicit** parents.

  • Gail Magnon

    Actually the dog who bites most often is the Dachshund. And most children who get bitten have provoked the dog in some way. So responsible parents teach their children how to properly interact with dogs and to respect the dog and his belongings. I adore my pitties- they are the sweetest dogs I have ever loved.

  • Upt

    Man you can defend them damn dogs if you want but we all know they’re an aggressive breed of dog, that needs to either wear a muzzle by law or banned. You can say whatever but every time you turn around it’s that damn breed hurting people and other dogs as well……I’ve never read any article or seen reports about other breeds attacking people but Pitbulls and do you know why ????? Because it’s rare !!!! So rare that you can’t point out an article of other breeds attacking people, but I can of Pit bull several !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe

      And here is the problem with America – stupid people who read a headline and think that is the whole story. there is absolutely nothing wrong with pit bulls or any other breed of dog – it always comes down to the human beings involved whether its the trainer or a person instigating the attack.
      Btw – a bit of history – it wasn’t that long ago that all the stories were about rotts and before that dobies and danes. Pit bulls were the dog of choice because of their loyalty and protective nature. If you let idiots like this buy into the media hype and wipe out a dog breed, then idiotic human beings will find another breed. Then that breed will need wiped out and so on and so on. At what point do we put the blame where it belongs – with the human beings involved?

  • me

    The pit bull is a very dangerous dog to have due to no matter how you train or teach them …they will still have the force of fight in the blood and there is nothing you can do to tame this. That is why some humane societies are not taking any type of puppy or dog that has any part of a pit bull in it. The fight attitude never will go away it is in the blood. This dog will turn in due time. It is sad but just to have a viscous dog is not the in thing to do. Then when the person gets a little scared of the dog because he growled at him ….they put him in the pound. On any given day 98 percent of the dogs in the pound are pit bull. Find another dog for your family.

  • jae

    I hope all of you that are talking crap about pit bulls seen how one tried saving a little boy from being stung by bees! So quick to talk about the bad but never the good!!!

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