Football player says he is told to choose between church or football

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A college athlete in Oregon says his coach forced him to choose between church and football and now he is fighting to stay on the team.

Vincent Johnson hasn't stepped on the field since spring practice, that's when he went to his coach with a problem. There were four church services that fell on the same time as practice. Johnson says his coach would only allow some of the absences.

"There's a lot of people who miss practice due to if they have academics, or anything like that," says football player Vincent Johnson, "so it could have been arranged."

Johnson has filed a complaint with the university which is still under investigation. Portland State University school officials say the student-athlete's tuition and scholarship is safe and secure. This is our TOPIC OF THE DAY.

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  • Dan

    Why did he not explore the conflicts when selecting a school. This is another “I am a victim ” story. I am Christian however I must make choices.

    • tanner powers

      Get the whole story brother. he was recently baptized! And didn’t know this was going to effect his time in practice. He is making sacrifices for God. Putting God before football! You, as a Christian should understand.

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