Making it legal to transport alcohol from another state into PA

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It's illegal to bring alcohol from other states back into Pennsylvania. You can travel to Ocean City, Maryland or maybe the Jersey Shore and purchase some alcohol while you're there. When vacation ends, you bring home the leftovers. What you may not know is, you're committing a crime when you cross the State line.
The retail liquor industry is already state-run. Now Lawmakers are pushing to make it legal for state residents to buy beer, wine or liquor out-of-state and bring it home to drink.

State Representative, Kevin Schreiber, 95th District, says, "I think a lot of Pennsylvanians may do this already without knowing it's illegal and hopefully it relieves any type of undo stress on an individual that may be doing this, not for any malicious intent but just because they had a nice trip out-of-state."

Rep. Schreiber has signed on to co-sponsor legislation. If passed, state sales taxes will still apply and regulations at alcohol stores will remain.