Rescued burn victim thanks crews during York City Fire Department Ceremony

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Honoring those who serve the York City community... that's what the City of York Fire/Rescue Services did on Thursday with their annual awards and promotion ceremony at City Hall.

At this year's ceremony, one woman was a walking testament to their service.  In July of 2013, York City crews helped Dinnell Clarke escape a kitchen fire. Now, all the dispatchers and crews who responded to that call are being recognized at this year's ceremony.

Clarke, who is still recovering from her injuries, was able to thank those who helped save her in person. She says if it were not for their quick response, she wouldn't be alive.

"Being able to meet everybody today and seeing them was great and it was a good opportunity because it's just... things like that...  people who changed your life and made an impact, it's just good to get to meet them and acknowledge them and thank them for what they did," Clarke said.

Clarke says that she's still in therapy and will need to undergo surgery because of the injuries she sustained from the fire. But, she says she just happy to be alive.

Also during the ceremony-- officials honored Will Collins as the 2013 firefighter of the year. Members of the department who recently retired were also recognized.  Those retiring  have at least 20 years of service under their belts.