Chef takes it upon himself to feed the homeless on Labor Day

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Eldon Blosser was praying recently when he got the idea to have a cookout in Carlisle for the homeless. When he started spreading the word, volunteers jumped at the chance. "It shows me that this community has a giving heart" said Blosser.

He provided hot dogs and hamburgers to anyone who was hungry, all free of charge.  "I'll tell you what, being a senior citizen you really count your pennies. This is so important, and with the community and the families, with all the bad news we have this is the good news. I call this the good news" said Julie Johnsen of Carlisle.

It wasn't just food they were serving up. Volunteers handed out more than fifty to-go kits for men and women. They had everything from razors and tooth brushes to an orange. Items that can be helpful to families like the Kiefers. "My wife, my four kids we're having a blast" said Thad Kiefer. The family of six has been staying in shelters and with friends and family until they can afford to get settled in a permanent home. "We have just been struggling for the past year now and so for a community to come together like this and help everyone out is amazing" said Kiefer.

As for Blosser, he doesn't want this to be his last supper for the community. He hopes the good work here encourages others to give back. "I know no one wants to be boastful about the good things that they're doing, but I kind of want them to. Tell people what's going on so others get inspired and start a chain reaction of people doing great things" said Blosser.