Legos help police crack a cold case in Utah

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Police in Utah crack a 23-year old murder case, thanks to legos.

Detectives in Holladay say Lucille Johnson was murdered inside her home back in 1991. Among the evidence they recovered at the scene were legos. At the time, investigators didn’t know how they fit into the crime, but the pieces have now led to murder charges being filed against John Sansing.

Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder┬ásays, “While in that home, it is clear Mr. Sansing bludgeoned Lucille to death, leaving his 5-year-old apparently in the living room of the home to play with legos. On those legos were the fingerprints of Mr. Sansing’s juvenile son.”

Sansing is already on death row for murder in Arizona and remains a suspect in other murder cases. Police believe Lucille Johnson allowed Sansing to enter her home, but aren’t sure why; they say she did not know him.

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