Race for Governor heats up as Election Day nears

With just eight days to go until Election Day, the race for Governor continues to heat up.

Recent polls show the gap between the incumbent, Tom Corbett, and his democratic challenger, Tom Wolf, is closing.

For months the polls had Corbett trailing by double digit points, but now according to the YouGov Poll, Corbett is trailing Wolf by 9 points.

According to the Keystone Report, he's only trailing Wolf by 7 points.

Dr. Kwasi Sarfo, professor of political science at York College, spoke with us earlier this month about the race.

He said it may be difficult for Corbett to close the gap, but that at the end of the day, the election relies heavily on voter turnout which is typically low during mid-term elections.

“'It’s an off-year election and off-year elections are driven by passion and voter turnout; so if you can really, really get the vote out, you should be able to do well,” Sarfo said.

Leading up to the election, Corbett and Wolf took part in three debates where no topic was off limits.

Some hot issues up for discussion included education, taxes as well as minimum wage.

Both Corbett and Wolf spent this past weekend rallying in the Pittsburgh area, as a final push to get votes.

Voters will head to the polls next Tuesday, November 4th.