More 70s for the week ahead

Highs in the 70s kickoff the week.

Highs in the 70s kickoff the week.

WARM WEATHER: Today, we topped out in the 70s, and on Monday, we get even warmer.  Look for highs in the upper 70s under sunny skies.  Then, we turn partly cloudy Monday night with lows in the mid 50s.  Tuesday starts out partly cloudy because a weak cold front crosses.  It’s so weak that it only adds some clouds to our skies.  Sunnier skies return Tuesday afternoon as we reach the low 70s.

Sunny weather continues.

Sunny weather continues.

Notice more clouds being detected Tuesday morning.

Notice more clouds being detected Tuesday morning.


MIDWEEK SUN:  Sunny skies come back in full force on Wednesday.  Though, our highs back step to 68 because of the cold air brought by Tuesday’s weak cold front.  On Thursday, our air flows up from the south, so it will bring warmer weather with it.  We’ll get highs in the mid 70s as the clouds increase.  We see more clouds because showers arrive Thursday night,  The showers continue on Friday.  Don’t expect a washout–just expect scattered showers off and on.  The 70s encore on Friday.

Everyday high is above average.

Everyday high is above average.


SUNNY NEXT WEEKEND: Partly sunny skies return on Saturday and they stay for Sunday.  The showers on Friday end with a cold front, so we get highs in the upper 60s on Saturday and highs near 70 on Sunday.

NIGHT SKY: You can see Jupiter very well in the south sky about an hour after sunset at 9 P.M.  It will be very bright–the brightest object in the night sky.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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