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Lancaster County woman in her mid-eighties swims ‘across the country’

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WEST LAMPETER TWP.,Pa. - Janet Rushmere began swimming at the age of five. Her father was a swim coach at the University of Delaware and encouraged her to swim. She loved to swim in the ocean. She then swam competitively on a team for around 30 years. At some point she gave up the sport. Around three years ago she moved into Willow Valley Community and started swimming again. As she hit the pool she dove back into completing a goal she had made for herself in 1989. She wanted to swim 3,000 miles or the equivalent of across the United State.

Rushmere, who is in her mid-eighties, recently reached her goal and her friends at Willow Valley through her a party. Now, she and her coach say, "she's on her way back." Rushmere is also back competing. Nationally and locally she has won medals and ribbons!