Customers can now buy wine at a local grocery store

MECHANICSBURG, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa.-- Thursday was a historic day for Pennsylvanians. Wine is now for available at the Wegmans on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg. It is the first grocery store in our area to sell wine.

"Pennsylvania is finally moving into the 21st century," (R) Speaker of the House Mike Turzai said.

He said Pennsylvanians have wanted to see this for a long time. Governor Tom Wolf said this the first time since Prohibition, Pennsylvania has made fundamental changes to its alcohol system.  Governor Wolf praised the bipartisan support of the change and the work to get it passed.

"The idea is to make purchase of wines and beer more convenient. That's what Pennsylvania citizens want and that's what we've done," (D) Governor Tom Wolf said.

"People are busy today running from one errand to another," Fran Powers from Harrisburg said. "For people working all day, they can get dinner, come get the wine and go home."

Now, this doesn't mean the end for liquor stores. Governor Wolf said Act 39, which allows for the wine to be sold in grocery stores, should help liquor stores.

"I believe as a former business person, this is a really great opportunity for the wine and spirits shops," he said.

Liquor stores are still the only place spirits can be bought. There is also a limit of four bottles of wine a person can buy in a grocery store. There is no limit at the liquor store.

According to Governor Wolf 84 grocery stores are licensed to sell wine, six of them are in our area.

Wegmans is using the Mechanicsburg location as a pilot store for their program. They said by Thanksgiving, they want all 17 of their Pennsylvania stores to be selling wine.