Dinosaurs are coming to the Franklin Institute as ‘Jurassic World: The Exhibition’

PHILADELPHIA – The Franklin Institue will soon be taken over by dinosaurs!  The new exhibit based on the blockbuster Jurassic World will make it’s debut on November 25th, 2016, and will stay until April 2017.

According to the website, this will be the “closest you will ever come to living dinosaurs.” The Exhibition is mean for all ages and is inspired by the film, bringing the dinosaur park to life.

“Travel to Isla Nublar as a VIP guest and explore Jurassic World. Stare in wonder at a towering Brachiosaurus; come face-to-face with a Velociraptor; and get a rare up-close look at the most vicious dinosaur of them all, Tyrannosaurus rex.”

The Exhibition has been created in close collaboration with renowned paleontologist Jack Horner. It includes interactive educational elements—drawn from the real-world science of dinosaur DNA that allowed Jurassic World to come to life. Visitors of all ages can now learn all about these incredible prehistoric creatures.

Visitors are able to sign up now to be added to an exclusive pre-sale event giving you the opportunity to book your visit before the general public.

Individual Tickets will be on sale September 10, 2016.