East Pennsboro Elementary to reopen Friday

East Pennsboro Elementary School

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. – East Pennsboro School District officials have alerted parents that the East Pennsboro Elementary School will report on Friday.

The decision was made after air quality samples indicated that all but two classrooms in the building were clear of mold. The two classrooms Room 001 and Room 014 continue to have elevated counts of mold spores. The two rooms will be isolated. That will include sealing the doors from entry and operating an air scrubber in each room. The air will be run through a HEPA air filter and exhausted to the outside. The process will include establishing negative pressure in the rooms which prevents any mold spores from seeping into the surrounding environment. That is a standard practice used when remediating contaminants in the health care industry.

Rooms 001 and 014 will be remediated, cleaned and tested when completed. Once the levels are returned to normal, students will be permitted to return to their rooms. The building principal has worked with the teachers in the rooms affected to relocate them to another area in the building where instruction will take place.

All rooms on the lower level of East Pennsboro Elementary were cleaned by a professional remediation company, TJ&M Services, and had their heating/cooling units services by Heim Company. Service on the unit included the cleaning of all coils and air blowers. The cleaning will allow the units to run more efficiently and move more air in and out of the room. The rest of the building’s heating/cooling units will undergo the same process.

Students were dismissed early on Wednesday after a teacher noticed mold in one of the classrooms.