East Pennsboro students going back to school again after mold discovered

EAST PENNSBORO TWP. Pa. --East Pennsboro Elementary School students will be back in school Friday.
That’s after the students didn’t have classes today and were dismissed early Wednesday.
It’s all because mold was found in a classroom, again.
This comes after students in the district were already out of school for a week when mold was found in several other school buildings.

East Pennsboro superintendent said the Cumberland County school district plans to take extra precautions moving forward.

Superintendent Jay Burkhart said, "We've been very good about monitoring cold in our systems - making sure our pipes don't freeze. We now need to go the other way. When we have high humidity we need to take care of our cooling system not just our heating system."

This, after mold was found on a bulletin board at East Pennsboro Elementary School.

Air quality test results showed an unusual level of mold in two classrooms, but the school will reopen Friday.

District officials said those rooms will be isolated and sealed off.
It will also be cleaned and tested again.

But the discovery of more mold left parents scratching their heads.

Tom Sullo, a parent of four elementary school students, said, "I also would like to understand why we have two rooms that are sealed off if we are already through this mold issue."

Elementary school students said they are eager to get back in the classroom so they can learn.

Jaelynn, a 3rd grader, said, "I think it's pretty frustrating because you're going in and then back out and then in and then back out. So it's like you got to get ready and then you got to not get ready and then you got to get ready so it's weird."

The superintendent said it's safe for students to go back, but some parents are not convinced.

Sullo said, "I am concerned that I'm going to send my kids in and they're gonna get sick for some reason."

But everyone agrees the kids need to get back to hitting the books.

Burkhart said, "We're excited that we have returned hopefully to a sense of normalcy."

Officials have agreed to three makeup days for East Pennsboro students because of the mold issues. Those dates are Sept. 2, Oct. 10 (Columbus Day) and Nov. 11 (Veterans Day).