Have you seen this horse? Cider is missing


Roulette, POTTER COUNTY-  On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, Bev Dee’s beloved horse, Cider, went missing from his foster home pasture.

Bev Dee asked Stolen Horse International for assistance in locating her horse. Ms. Dee advised that Cider was last seen the evening of Tuesday, August 30, 2016 by a neighbor that saw him outside of his fence. Cider is one of the only surviving horses from the “Hanging Barn” where he was found suspended from the ceiling. Cider has come a long way from the torture that he had lived in. Ms. Dee has notified Potter County Police Department of the missing equine.

Stolen Horse International, a nonprofit organization also known as NetPosse.com, is well known as the “lost and found’ place for horses on the internet for the equine industry. NetPosse.com offers horse theft and equine ID education and assist in search and recovery of stolen or missing horses, as well as other equine equipment.

“Cider has typical stallion behaviour.”, says Bev Dee. “He is not dangerous to someone who is a knowledgeable handler of horses.” Ms. Dee explained that he will paw/strike if asked to stand still, but has not attempted to bite or kick anyone as far as she knows. She has personally handled him and he is pushy and impatient. He most likely will not respond to his name. Approach with food may be helpful. Friends and neighbors have been assisting with the search. A request for a drone has been implemented by NetPosse to their partnering UAV Pilots. She reports that they have contacted the police.

On August 31, 2016, Stolen Horse International, Inc. received the first online report on its web site, www.NetPosse.com, filed by Dee and, in short order, began distributing the information via their NetPosse Alert (the horse community’s Amber Alert) on the Internet to hundreds of social media groups and private email contacts in an effort to rally the public to help the family.

You will find Cider’s webpage with information and a printable flyer in his NetPosse.com listing, which is where any updates or leads will be posted. People interested in helping can search for report number NR005029 or use this direct link on the NetPosse.com site: https://netposse.com/view_report.asp?reportid=5029

“Circulating Cider’s flyer and the NetPosse.com Alert nationwide is imperative, as the horse could be anywhere by now. These flyers are one tool that brings home many horses and must be posted in as many public places as possible,” says Debi Metcalfe, founder of Stolen Horse International. “And remember, not everyone has internet access. Please post Cider’s flyer in public places as well.”

Pictures, flyer, contact information, updates and other information are on the NetPosse webpage to identify this case quickly when calling in a tip. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Bev Dee, the local Sheriff Department or Stolen Horse International with information.