Police charge juvenile for recording people changing in bathroom

Secret Camera

LEBANON, Pa.– A 17-year-old male from North Lebanon Township has been charged with five counts of Invasion of Privacy after recording people changing in a bathroom.

On August 14, the accused male attended a pool part at a home on Eastfield Dr. in South Lebanon Township. He secretly hid a cell phone in the bathroom’s home in an attempt to capture video of people using the bathroom to change. The accused was confronted by a person at the party about his actions, and he deleted the videos from his phone.

Detectives obtained a search warrant, and were able to recover digital evidence from the phone that enabled them to identify five individuals at the party that been recorded. There was no evidence that these images or videos were disseminated.

The 17-year-old accused male was charged on August 31, and the case was remanded to Lebanon County Probation Services.