Dover Firemen’s Fair provides food & fun all week

DOVER, Pa.--  Live music, rides and games are waiting for you at the Firemen's Fair in Dover, York County. The Union Fire and Hose Company hosts the fair every year and for some people, the highlight of the event is the food. Baked turkey pie, pork and sauerkraut platters, beef pot pie, baked ham platters and the fire department's famous chicken corn soup are all on the menu along with a town favorite, roast beef platters.

President of the Ladies Auxiliary, Margaret Will says, "We did 1200-pounds of roast beef this week. We did 400-pounds of pork, 400-pounds of turkey, 400-pound of ham and 900-pound of chicken."

The Dover Firemen's Fair resumes on Labor Day and continues through Saturday, September 10th.