Scouts of the New Birth of Freedom Council seek to continue record-selling popcorn ways

GRANTVILLE, Pa.-- Scouts are known for their service to the environment, and their accomplishments within the societies.

Often, scouts participate in selling treats in order to raise funds for their troop.

Two New Freedom scouts have gone above and beyond in the last seven years.

The LaVerdiere brothers, Alex and Ben  have sold nearly $108,000 worth of popcorn.  Last year alone, Alex and Ben had sales of $33,820, which averages out to $16,910 per brother.  For comparison, the next-highest seller brought in $3,280.

While Alex and Ben are great salesman, they have raised these funds for their troop, and hope to help other members of their troop have the same opportunities to enjoy Scouting, regardless of financial means.

The Scouts of the New Birth of Freedom Council will kick off their annual popcorn (and nuts) sale on Saturday, September 10. It will run through October 24.

This sale provides critical funding for participating local Scout groups and for the council, which coordinates Scouting programs in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Perry and York Counties. In all, the council is hoping to exceed a goal of $865,000 in total sales in 2016.

Today on FOX43 Morning News, Alex and Ben LaVerdiere will provide more information about their upcoming sale.

For more information, you can visit the scout's site here.