Uber driver threatens passengers with a gun after they slam his car doors in Lancaster


MILLERSVILLE, Pa- Police have an arrest warrant out for a Uber driver who they believe threatened passengers with a gun at a Sheetz convenience store.

According to Millersville Borough Police, on June 25th, just after 3:00 a.m. Junior Justin, picked up four male passengers along Judie Lane in Lancaster and drove them to a Sheetz store along the 1700 block of Millersville Pike.

When the four men got out of the car, and went into Sheetz, Justin became angry at the way his car doors were closed. According to police, Justin parked his car and went inside the store and got into a verbal argument with the men in the store’s breezeway.

According to police, after arguing with the men for a few minutes, before Justin turned to leave, he lifted up his shirt, showing a gun he had tucked into his waistband and said something along the lines of “if I see you again you’ll be sorry.”

Justin was interviewed by police on July 27th and he admitted that he carries a black 9mm Rugar pistol when he drives for Uber. He also admitted to having it on June 25th.

Justin now faces a simple assault charge. He will receive a summons in the mail this week, police said

Spokesperson with Uber, Kayla Whaling, said that Justin was been removed from the Uber practice. Whaling stated that Justin has not given a ride since right after this incident occurred.