High school football fans still cheering despite hot weather

LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Hundreds of fan came out to support Red Land High School at West Shore Stadium in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County.

The Red Land Patriots took on the Carlisle Thundering Herd. Football fans are keeping cool in the summer heat.

Alli Sibbach, a Red Land High School student, said, "We try to stay as spread out as we can until the game actually starts."

They also make sure to stay hydrated.

Heather Ohern, a high school student, said, "Usually all of us just go get waters."

Students in the marching band wear many layers underneath their uniform, and they can get hot quickly.

Susan Sederes, a marching band parent, said, "As you can see tonight they're not wearing their whole uniform because it's just too hot."

Parents said they need frequent water breaks.

Sederes said, "We make sure they have plenty of water through coolers, we get ice cold wash cloths that they can put on their neck."

Some fans prefer a different beverage to stay cool: milkshakes.

People from the Pennsylvania Farm Show were selling milkshakes to thirsty fans.

People said they are trying to soak in the summer weather because fall is just around the corner.

David Wichert, a parent, said, "I'm enjoying this nice weather. It's going to be cold and windy and snowy soon enough."