Penn State alumni rally before facing off against Pitt on Saturday

PITTSBURGH, Pa.- Fans have waited 16 years, and on Saturday, the Pitt-Penn State rivalry returns.

On Friday night, alumni of Penn State rallied at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh.

"There's only one place to be tonight if you're a Penn State alum and that's right here," alumnus Tom Hajzus said.

Fans said they are ready and can't wait for Saturday to get here.

"It's nice to have it back. It was big thing when we were students there," alumnus Bob Reed said.

"It was so great, not just economically, but the whole emotion. It's unbelievable," Hajzus said.

One alumnus in particular has fond memories of the Pitt-Penn State rivalry.

"It's special to me in a number of ways," football star Franco Harris said. "My senior year we played them here in Pittsburgh and I stayed over and the next day I went Three Rivers Stadium and the Steelers were playing."

Harris was part of the hundreds of alumni that were part of the rally. Chants of "We are" echoed in the building. The Nittany Lion even stopped by to pump up the ground.

"This event sold out in probably less than week," President of the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Chapter Kathy Kaspernik.

She said people from across the country came to the rally, and she is excited for tomorrow.

"I think it's going to be great. I hope the game it good," Kaspernik said.