Pitt-Penn State Rivalry comes between family and friends

PITTSBURGH, Pa.-- It's no secret, Pitt and Penn State fans usually don't like each other, and it even causes division between family and friends. One couple we spoke to is split by this rivalry as well.

Mallory McGuire is part of "We are" nation.

"No one stands a chance against Penn State fans," she said.

Her boyfriend, Drew Fuhrer, hails to Pitt.

"I'm looking forward to it a lot," he said. "I've been looking forward to this since I heard about them playing each other."

The happy couple will not be so friendly to each other come Saturday.

"Luckily, this is the first time they've played each other since Drew and I started dating," McGuire said.

"It's not going to be friendly," Fuhrer said. "It's going to be intense, but it will be a good time."

McGuire was born into the love for the blue and white.

"My mom went there, her cousins, their kids, my sister, my brother-in-law, and now my little brother is there," she said.

For Fuhrer, he never took a strong stance in the rivalry until later in life.

"I think I've become more of a fan since I've realized how much Mallory's family is so crazy about Penn State," he said.

If dealing with his girlfriend's family wasn't bad enough, his own family is just as tough.

"My family has actually turned on me," Fuhrer said. "They like Penn State more than they like Pitt."

So, it begs the question, how do these do get along?

"Opposites attract, I guess," McGuire said.

She said Fuhrer gives her a hard time because her college was near Pitt. He says she betrayed her city.

"So he has a little bit of a point there, but you have to stay true to the blue and white," she said.

In the end, they say Saturday's game will be a good time.

"The fact that it's actually happening on Saturday," McGuire said. "I haven't wrapped my head around it yet. It's going to be a fun day."

McGuire created a t-shirt with a half Penn State paw and half Pitt paw. She said she wants to support her boyfriend, while supporting Penn State.