Shooting stops football game: ‘It does not define our city, it does not define our school district’

YORK, Pa. -- A sign at the entrance to Small Field reads "No Weapons Allowed," but Friday night, people both inside and outside a high school football game heard otherwise.

Neighbor Michelle Peters said, "we heard gun shots. My roommate actually thought they were fireworks, and she said I hope those were fireworks. Then, we watched everybody scatter in the parking lot. There were two individuals on the ground, and we watched the police come in and put the football game on lockdown."

A shooting between two men in the parking lot, interrupted the game between William Penn and J.P. McCaskey High School, during the fourth quarter.

The School District of the City of York's Athletic Director Ron Coursey said, "obviously, it was a little scary, because not knowing the circumstances, what was going on, but more importantly, it was just a very disappointing ending to a very, very energetic and promised filled night."

It was a night of many firsts. Not only was it William Penn's home opener, but it was also the first home game for Coursey.

"In addition to all of the community support, and just the love of the city, and support of these kids, it was very disappointing, because it was a situation that had nothing to do with our kids," Coursey said.

No one was allowed in or out while police had the field on lockdown.

"It's concerning, the neighborhood is concerning, but the area is nice. It's just, I don't know what's going on with the shootings lately," Peters said.

The School District of the City of York Superintendent Dr. Eric Holmes said, "I just want to reassure the community that no students were injured, and that there was no issue taking place inside of the stadium, inside the gates."

What happens on the field going forward is what matters to Coursey.

"For me, I am blessed to have good leaders, and strong leadership within the district, so that we can make sure that this situation does not define who we are. It does not define our city, it does not define our school district," Coursey said.

Coursey said the team's coach tells his players good or bad, next play, move on, and that's exactly what the William Penn Bearcats are going to do.