Vietnam veterans honored in Cumberland County

MECHANICSBURG, Pa.--  More than 1,000 people met in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County on Saturday to express their thanks to the veterans of the Vietnam War. The event, called "Welcome Home for Vietnam Veterans," was held in honor of the war's 50th anniversary. It opened with remarks from officers who fought in that war.

It also featured a picnic, several bands and a special tribute to fallen veterans. Organizers say planning the event gave them an opportunity to create a meaningful welcome home message.

"I am a combat veteran from Iraq, and a lot of guys thanked me for my service when I came home. They didn't get what everybody else has gotten, coming home. They need to be remembered all the time, it's not just one special day out of the year or a special event. They should be honored all the time," said Sgt. Harley Estep, Committee Chairman for Welcome Home Vietnam Vets.

Proceeds from the event will benefit Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors and other local non-profit organizations.