Shippensburg Borough Authority water customers asked to reduce consumption 5 – 10%


SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. -On September 6th, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) added Cumberland County to its list of Pennsylvania Counties in a Drought Watch declaration.

As a result of this declaration, the Shippensburg Borough Authority is required to review its Drought Contingency Plan. The SBA is asking the public to voluntarily conserve water and reduce their consumption by 5 – 10% of normal usage. Actions to assist in this effort include:

    • Run dishwashers and washers only with full loads.
    • Take showers instead of baths.
    • Install water saving devices on all showers and toilets where possible.
    • Repair any leaks which may occur as soon as possible.
    • Limit all unnecessary outside uses of water such as watering of lawns and gardens, washing of cars/sidewalks and porches, filling of swimming pools and other uses.
    • Place a bucket under the shower to catch water that is wasted while waiting for the shower to warm up. (PADEP website Drop by Drop: Use Water Wisely During a Drought)
    • If you have a dehumidifier, use the water it collects to water flower and gardens. (PADEP website Drop by Drop: Use Water Wisely During a Drought )
    • Turn off ice makers for refrigerators and use trays. (PADEP website Drop by Drop: Use Water Wisely During a Drought)

The SBA continues to monitor its source water supplies in accordance with the PADEP’s Drought Watch requirements.

The water system serves over 25,000 residents in Shippensburg Borough, Orrstown Borough, Shippensburg Township, Southampton Cumberland Township, Southampton Franklin Township, and a portion of Letterkenny Township.