‘This is just a lot of lives lost” Spike in overdoses in Lancaster County

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Heroin | Photo: Thinkstock

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. – Over the last three weeks 16 people in Lancaster County have died from overdoses.

“I think it’s downright scary for anyone just to look at the numbers and the ages of these individuals. Sixteen- years-old is, you have your entire life ahead of you essentially,” said Brett Hambright from the  Lancaster County DA’s Office.

The District Attorney’s Office is working on ways to keep the numbers from rising.

“I think the education is there. I think that everyone is aware that Heroin is awful. Heroin will kill you, but how do you get to that next point where folks just won’t do it,” said Hambright.

They are working to try to start discussions in schools.

“How early is too early to talk to your kids about Heroin? I don’t know if it ever is too early because it seems that once you get to that point where you’re entrenched in that addiction, it’s really difficult to get somebody out of that addiction,” he said.

“The first step is that they need to know that they need help and unfortunately, the denial that goes with the disease of addiction is that it’s not going to happen to me and then it does happen,” said Kathleen Birmingham, Lancaster Freedom Center.

Some of the Heroin on the streets is being mixed with Fentnayl making it stronger, more addictive and deadlier.

“Maybe this spike in overdoses will do a little more to keep folks from starting. We hope it will because this is just a lot of lives lost,’ said Hambright.