‘It was just react’ Active shooter drill in Lancaster County

LANCASTER, Pa. - Lancaster Catholic High School administrators chose to do an active shooter drill as part of National Preparedness Month. For the first time ever, in America, the 911 Center participated.

The day started like normal until the principal announced there was a shooter in the building. Then, students and staff reacted and called 911. The 911 Center wanted to test their own preparedness to the situation. Dozens of emergency crews participated including the Lancaster SERT Team.

"We do fire drills, but that’ easy just get out. But for this it’s like you don’t know where to get out, you don’t know what to do so you have to practice," said Kelsie Chuprinski, Teacher.

"You feel helpless at one point, but then when you reunite with your friends you feel a little bit better," said Fayra Molina, Senior.

"I just wanted them to feel what it was like so that they knew if they had to, they could do it," said Adrienne Howe, Vice Principal.

Overall organizers feel the drill went well. They will debrief to go over some things that need to be improved.