Lancaster business goes beyond making dough to give people a second chance

LANCASTER, Pa. -  Charlie Crystle and Craig Lauer started The Lancaster Food Co.  a few years ago with the mission to create good organic foods, help people out of poverty, give people a second chance and support local farmers.

"(We) wanted to do something that meets people where they are in terms of their education, or other obstacles like maybe criminal backgrounds," said Crystle.

"I`m a part of that second chance. I`ve been in trouble myself," said Mike Miles, Lancaster Food Co.

Miles is one of 12 employees and calls it the best job he has ever had.

"It’s a good atmosphere. Everybody pretty much get along," said Miles.

Their pay starts at $14.00 an hour and includes benefits like flexible schedules and vacation time.

"We wanted to support local farmers in particular organic farmers so trying to help the local economy, people who needed a good paying job," said Lauer.

Soon the company will be hiring more people. They are moving into a facility five times the size. Their product can be found in stores all the way from New York to Northern Virginia.