State Prison inmate to receive sentence relief after mandatory sentence is deemed “unconstitutional”


LANCASTER, Pa.– A state-prison inmate received sentence relief Wednesday after being convicted of repeated sexual abuse of a Lancaster County girl.

Matthew Wolfe, 22, was in the midst of serving 10-20 years for abuse of the 13-year-old girl in 2012. He was convicted of the felony sex abuse crimes in 2013.

On Wednesday, Judge Joseph Madenspacher ordered a new prison term for Wolfe based on his appeal, which deemed that mandatory sentencing on sex crimes is “unconstitutional.”

Assistant District Attorney James Reeder argued that the victim was an unsophisticated 13-year-old girl that was victimized by her baby-sitter and that Wolfe get no relief from his original sentence.

Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said that Wolfe’s case demonstrates the need for lawmakers to address mandatory sentencing.

Wolfe is now sentenced to 6.5-13 years.