Two students suspended in rash of bomb threats at Eastern Middle School

WRIGHTSVILLE, Pa. - Two students at Eastern York Middle School have been suspended in the wake of three separate bomb threats at the school this week. The latest threatening note was found this morning.

School district officials say three threatening notes found this week were written by three separate students. Two students have been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. They face severe penalties for issuing false bomb threats.

This morning's threat was found on the wall of the boys’ bathroom. Staff and students were evacuated from school for approximately one hour while school officials, police, and a canine team trained to detect explosives searched the building. In less than an hour a student confessed to writing the false threat and police determined it was safe for students and staff to reenter the building. School officials and police are satisfied this was not a credible threat.

On Thursday, September 22, a student wrote a bomb threat on a sticky note and stuck it to a locker. The incident was recorded on a surveillance monitor and after being questioned, the student confessed to writing the false threat.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, September 20, a similar threat scribbled in pencil on a piece of crumpled paper was found inside the book compartment of a student’s work-space. School officials and police are still investigating that incident and are requesting that anyone who has information related to this incident, please contact the building principal.

The school district is also asking that parents encourage their children to report any threats, rumors or suspicious behavior to school officials immediately.

The York County District Attorney’s office has been asked to provide information to students next week that describes the problems and risks associated with the rising phenomena of false bomb threats made by students. Dr. Keith Shoemaker, the school principal, will also address students to garner their support in reporting any behavior which compromises their safety.