Family forced to pay big bill to get deceased son’s belongings from car

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ELIZABETH TWP, LANCASTER CO --After a fatal crash that left their son dead, a family is forced to pay the emergency towing fee to get their sons things out of the car.

Sunday night Justin Kope, 24, died at the scene of the crash on 322 in Elizabeth Township Lancaster County.

Wingnuts Towing originally towed this car from the scene. The Kope family says the company made them pay the $225 emergency towing fee, a clean up fee, and a storage fee the bill was $300 dollars.

After their son Justin died in a head on crash the Kope family wanted to get his belongings out of his car. They say Wingnuts Towing would not let them in the car until they paid the $300 bill. In some cases insurance would cover the fee. Justin's did not. The family borrowed $300 from a friend to be able to get Justin's things and tow the car somewhere else. They say the items found inside the car are all they have left of him.

Edward Kope, Justin's father said, "thanks to getting the car and some of his belongings we are able to bury him with his belongings. One of the things we did find actually was a stuffed animal that was his when he was two years old, now that is charred but it was his. It will be buried with him."

The family says this situation has added to their heartbreak. The funeral is planned for later this week.

FOX43 contacted Wingnuts and has not received a call back with comment.