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Racist messages on Facebook spark demand for Shippensburg student’s suspension

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SHIPPENSBURG —  A picture of a student’s comments made on Facebook have gone viral after referring to fellow students as “dark meat” and “inner city garbage.”

The student in question also made a comment about carrying a knife.

Since the picture was posted on Tuesday it has been shared over a hundred times and a petition has been started on calling for his suspension, “until he proves he is not a danger to students.”

The petition has nearly a thousand supporters and claims that although the student has the right to free speech, the comment about the knife escalates it to a threat.

According to the petition this violates, “Shippensburg University Community Regulation 3.1: “No person shall engage in harassing, intimidating, or threatening conduct.” Additionally, his admittance of carrying a knife, especially in conjunction with his admittance that he would use it, violates Community Regulation 2.4: “No person shall possess or use dangerous weapons. This includes, but is not limited to, guns, knives, martial arts’ devices, percussion weapons, bow and arrows, ammunition, clubs, or any other devices used aggressively [emphasis added].”

The petition also included a photo of a letter that was written to students by the President of Shippensburg University.

In the letter it states the student was spoken to by Shippensburg University Police, and the post has been deleted.

It goes on to say the student apologized for his comments, but many students and alumni remain angry and upset siting an apparent lack of disciplinary measures.