Tracking heavy rain

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After noon on Thursday, we'll see less and less showers.

FLOOD WATCH: We’ll get 1-3″ of rain, tonight.  Expect the widespread scattered showers to be heavy at times.  While our bigger creeks and streams can handle 1-3″ of rain, we will see some flash flooding in low spots with poor water drainage or around the small streams.  We’ll particularly see this in spots that get heavy rain over a short period of time or in spots that continually get heavy rain.  As a result, the National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch.  It stays in effect until Friday morning.

TRACKING RAIN: After widespread scattered showers Thursday morning, we get drier throughout the day.  In fact, we’ll see only a few showers in the afternoon.  On Friday, we’ll have just a few showers and spend most of the day dry.  Expect highs in the upper 60s Thursday and Friday.

We'll see showers for the next few days.

We’ll see showers for the next few days.


SUNNIER SKIES: On Saturday, we’ll see some breaks of sun.  The sun helps our temperature climb to 72 by the afternoon.  While we’ll get a few hit-or-miss showers, expect to have dry weather for most of the day.  On Sunday, we get even sunnier, and get highs in the mid 70s, as a result.  While a spot or two will get a quick shower, most of us stay dry all day.

We'll have sunnier skies next week.

We’ll have sunnier skies next week.


SEASONAL SEVENTIES: Next week, an area of high pressure drops down from the north to bring us sunny skies.  Besides the sunny skies, we’ll have highs in the low to mid 70s.

We've got 70s all next week.

We’ve got 70s all next week.


-Meteorologist Drew Anderson