Enjoying some sunshine for the week ahead

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Cooler but nice!

WHEN THE WIND DIES DOWN: We’ll stay plenty windy for the rest of the day and the early morning hours of Monday, but they’ll quickly calm down to around 5-15mph for most of the day. High pressure begins to build in tomorrow, with the north winds keeping us cool but sunny. Perfect way to start the work week!

A LITTLE WARM UP: 3-day-forecast-pm-csv 

As we head later into the week, as the area of high pressure moves overhead slowly, our winds will change direction to out of the south. With it comes warmer temperatures mid-week, nearing 70 by Thursday for some of the area. Skies will be about 50/50 clouds and sunshine later in the week, but with light winds and mild temperatures, you couldn’t ask for more seasonable conditions!

QUICK MATTHEW UPDATE: Matthew’s energy is just about spent, with the once-powerful hurricane now downgraded to a post-tropical storm. He will continue to weaken over the next day or two and is expected to stay out to the Atlantic before finally dying out.


Have a great day!

-Meteorologist Bradon Long