And the winner of the presidential debate is… Ken Bone

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This morning, pundits will argue over who won the presidential debate.  But we think we can safely deliver the verdict: Ken Bone.

The debate, in case you missed it, was a town hall-style affair where audience members (screened by Gallup and selected by the moderators) asked questions of the candidates. And in that group of well-behave, articulate, truth seekers was one Mr. Bone.

His question to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was a doozy: “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?”

But that wasn’t why Bone became the Internet’s insta-darling.

It’s that name. Ken Bone.

It’s that power outfit: The red cardigan, the white tie, the black-rimmed glasses.

It’s the fact that at the end of the proceedings, he captured the moment by whipping out… a disposable camera.

Ken Bone — he’s no conformist. He’s the person a divided America needs right now. The man who brought some levity to the ludicrous, some vim to counter the vitriol. The only thing that was making America great again.

Who Bone is, we don’t yet know.

But that didn’t stop us from guessing what kind of person he is.

We also all now know what we’ll be dressing as for Halloween.

Perhaps this tweet summed it up best: