Arrest made in deadly Cumberland County American Legion shooting

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CARLISLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- After months of investigations, the Cumberland County district attorney announced a break in the case of a deadly shooting at a Carlisle American Legion post.

A Cumberland County man now sits in York County Prison on a grand jury indictment on homicide charges for the shooting.

Police said an armed man walked in an American a Legion post, shot a man dead in front of a crowd of 20 people, and yet no one claimed to have seen anything.

It was an unusual case for Carlisle Police, which had remained a complete mystery.

Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed said "it became clear as we worked through this case, what had led up to this shooting, so the lack of cooperation is unfortunate, but it is not a bar to us doing our job."

Carlisle Police have been working on this case for more than four months with very few leads. Thursday, Cumberland County District Attorney Freed announced the arrest of Robert Lee "Rocky" Anderson and his grand jury indictment.

It was in the early morning hours of June 11, 2016,
Freed said Anderson walked into the crowded American Legion and shot DJ Harris to death.

The accused shooter has been found to be no stranger to the victim.

"You talk to witnesses, you hear what everybody is saying, you do background on the people who were killed to find out who they may have had issues with," Freed said.

Freed said there was a history of shooting me and stabbings between homicide victim Harris and suspect Anderson.

DJ Harris's father, Daniel Harris Sr., wants to know the full story.

"I knew DJ, after listening to some of the detectives, was not doing what he was supposed to be doing, I don't have a problem getting the full truth," Harris Sr. said.

"There was a lot of chatter surrounding rocky Anderson and some others as potential suspects, on social media," Freed said.

"Then, we started to work, obtaining phone records, trying to figure out locations, trying to figure out who was in the legion, talking to each and every person who was in the legion that night," Freed added.

Anderson's indictment is just the first step in bringing justice to the victim's family.

"We as a family have resolve but never closure, but as we continue on with our lives, and as natives of Harrisburg, we will always have a friend in law enforcement," Harris said.

Anderson is being held without bail at the York County Prison, rather than Cumberland County Prison in order to keep him away from others who are locked up who might be connected to this case.

Freed said the roots of the investigation go back to April 2015, when a cousin of Anderson's slashed Harris' face. That act was the first of a series of incidents among a group of people.

The victim was also to have been a witness in a grand jury investigation involving Anderson, which Freed said possibly could have been another motive.