Eighth grade history class celebrates trip to New Orleans

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A small group of Harrisburg Academy's 8th grade class celebrated the opportunity to view history up close on Friday.

Over 30 students traveled New Orleans in April, to visit the National World War II Museum. A teacher with the academy is one of only two schools in North America, to receive the grant that will pay for the trip.

"8th grade hasn't gotten to do something amazing like this and Ms. Bowman was lucky enough, and amazing enough, to get this opportunity for all of us to go and learn so much more about what we experience in school, but on a more real scale," 8th grade student Alexa Niles said.

Lindsay Bowman is a middle school teacher at the Harrisburg Academy and said it is all about the historical aspect.

"I make sure that it continues to be taught and studied and lives on," Bowman said. "I hope that is what stays with them the most, the value of what we study, even though it happened so long ago."

The grant is from the DSF charitable foundation in Pittsburgh.