American Red Cross South Central Pennsylvania Spirit of the Hero breakfast: Adult Good Samaritan Hero Award

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The American Red Cross South Central Pennsylvania Chapter, which covers Adams, Franklin, Fulton, and York Counties, honored 16 people with nine different awards during the 14th Annual Spirit of the Hero Award Breakfast held at the Wyndham Garden York Hotel on Thursday, November 17, 2016. Recipients were honored for their heroic and, or selfless acts that improve our communities and show all of us that not all heroes wear capes.

Adult Good Samaritan Hero Award 

When a masked, armed robber entered Waynesboro’s Antietam Pharmacy in June 2016, owner and pharmacist David Riley saw a situation rapidly go from bad to worse for he and his two employees. Upon entering the store, the robber quickly went to the cash register, where he pulled money from the drawer before turning his attention to the pharmacy counter. Trapping one employee against a wall, the man handed Riley a bag and demanded drugs. Riley, attempting to calm the robber, told him he would give him whatever he wanted if he would just put the gun down. With the perpetrator becoming more and more agitated, Riley began to realize the lives of he and his employees were in jeopardy. Without hesitation he pulled and fired the gun he kept holstered at his side, striking the bandit and bringing the ordeal to an end moments before the police arrived. Riley’s ability to take concise action during an extremely stressful and potentially deadly situation enabled he and his staff – although greatly shaken – to go home to their families unharmed at the end of the day.


David Riley


Antietam Pharmacy employees


Mindi Funk (Fulton Bank)

Kami Noel (Adams Electric)

Source: American Red Cross South Central Pennsylvania