Congressman Lou Barletta considers cabinet post after meeting with President-Elect Donald J. Trump

NEW YORK CITY – Congressman Lou Barletta (Pa-11) met with President-Elect Donald J. Trump on Tuesday at Trump Tower in New York City to discuss the presidential transition.  Barletta, a former mayor of Hazleton, in Luzerne County,  is a member of the Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee.

Following the meeting, Congressman Barletta met with reporters.  His office released the following excerpts of his conversation with the press:

Barletta: It was great.  We had a good conversation.  We talked about many issues concerning the country and talked about the President-Elect’s ideas moving forward.

Reporter: Are you considering roles in the administration?

Barletta: We talked about Secretary of Labor and it’s something I’m going to consider.*

Reporter: What was your pitch to him?

Barletta: We talked.  I’ve worked with the President-Elect throughout the campaign.  He knows my background and, as a member of the Executive Transition Team, we talked about the importance of his ideas and moving them forward in Congress and making sure that the transition goes well, as a member of that team.  We talked about that, as I said, and some other things.

Reporter: What were the top policy initiatives the President-Elect talked to you about?

Barletta: His infrastructure plan is obviously very important to him.  And again, making sure there’s a smooth transition and the role that I could play either in Congress or as a part of his cabinet.