Group interested in medical marijuana operation in York Co.

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WINDSOR TWP., Pa. -- One group in Central Pennsylvania is starting the process to try to grow and cultivate medical marijuana at a property in York County.

The group appealed to the Windsor Township zoning hearing board to allow growing and processing of the drug in their district.

Keith and Cathy Shaffer want to start a medical marijuana operation inside their business, KJS Industrial Service on Delta Road. They requested growing the drug on their business' property would be an agricultural use in a commercial zone.

Kipp Allison, the zoning officer of Windsor Township, said, "They were trying to find out whether or not their proposed use would be acceptable at the property that they own in Windsor Township per our zoning regulations."

The zoning board denied that request, referring to Pennsylvania Act 16, which is the law authorizing the use of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

In the board's written decision, they said, "The legislature did not intend for the growing and processing of medical cannabis to be agriculture..."

They continue with "The applicants' proposed use fits squarely within the definition of manufacturing, packaging, storing and/or wholesaling of pharmaceuticals."

Edward Paskey, the Shaffer's attorney, said, "The township simply ruled in essence that the cultivation process should occur in a property that's zoned industrial."

Allison said the Shaffers are the first to make this request.

"I'm not aware that there's been any other applications filed in the county or in the state," Allison said.

Paskey said, "The group itself is still committed to the cause and intent to move forward with the application process through the state."

So the group members now have two choices: They can either find a different property in a different zoned area, or can appeal the township's decision.

"And at this point - the group is looking at all of their options," Paskey said.