Man arrested for causing vehicle fire

HARRISBURG, Pa. — On Sunday, Dec. 4, Harrisburg Police responded to the 1700 Block of Berryhill St. for a report of a vehicle on fire.  When police arrived they talked with the victim who was standing near a burning Chrysler mini-van.

Police found out that he was sitting in the mini-van with the suspect’s wife.  While they were talking, her husband, Oscar- Contreas-Saldana, pulled up in his truck.  According to the victim Contreras-Saldana then pulled beside them and began arguing with the female, then he tried to block in the mini-van with his vehicle.  The mini-van tried to flee the scene but became disabled.  Contreras-Saldana then pulled in front of the mini-van and rammed his truck into the car multiple times.

The car quickly became engulfed in flames and the female took off and fled the scene on foot.  Contreras-Saldana also fled the scene in his vehicle according to the victim.

Officers went to the home of Contreras-Saldana and admitted his involvement in the case.  He was arrested for Aggravated Assault and Recklessly Endangering.