Thieves steal packages, one identified after neighbors post video online

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CUMBERLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Police in Adams County are working to return dozens of stolen packages to their rightful owners. Cumberland Township officers said two men are driving through neighborhoods, stealing packages from front porches, then ripping off the labels.

A man was caught on surveillance camera in Conewago Township, Adams County, stealing a package off of the Boucher family's front porch. The Bouchers were hoping for a visit from Santa this holiday season, but instead got one from an unwelcome visitor.

Lucas Boucher said, "We got home and my wife noticed that a package was delivered at 1:30 p.m., so we figured someone had taken it. And we asked our neighbor who has a bunch of cameras to take a look and found somebody taking it."

He and his family have lived on Dakota Drive for years and have never had anything stolen from their home before.

"It's sad," Boucher said, "I mean it's a nice community, a nice area, there's no reason for all of that it's just stuff."

Officials believe two suspects are involved. Police received complaints since November from people in York and Adams Counties saying their packages were stolen.

Then recently someone from Cumberland Township called police to report a suspicious vehicle in their neighborhood. Authorities were able to identify the driver and found packages inside the car totaling $4-5,000.

Sgt. Tim Biggins with Cumberland Township Police said, "They recovered approximately 30 undelivered UPS, FedEx packages from all over Adams and York Counties."

In those packages were items from cashmere sweaters to cookware. But police got their biggest tip from social media when a neighbor in Conewago Township sent in that video.

Biggins said, "So that's what helped us with what we found on Wednesday night. Then we saw that and we started putting two and two together."

Most of the packages have been returned to their rightful owners. The Bouchers are excited to get their Ninja Cooking System back after it was stolen from their front porch.

Normally the holidays are supposed to be a time of giving and receiving gifts but not in this case.

Biggins said, "It's disheartening this time of year. People work hard to get this stuff and then it's stolen from them."

Officials advise you to get your packages delivered to your workplace or sign up for email notifications if you are concerned. Police said this is a felony, and the men could face jail time.