Cold snap has stores and shoppers stocking up on winter supplies

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SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK, COUNTY, Pa. -- As many prepare to brace for the winter weather headed to the area, some are preparing to stock up on cold weather supplies.

There was a flurry of activity going on inside the York County Lowe's as both staff and shoppers stock up on cold weather supplies.

Shopper Mark Peters said "I'm pretty much ready. Trying to get the kids ready, so I don't have to go over there and shovel them out this time, so I was looking at snow blowers for them."

Lowe's greeter Chris Veseth said "the ice melt and the rock salt so far, a couple shovels here and there."

While many may be out shopping for snow blowers, Jim and Nancy Ferner have another hot item in mind, an outdoor grill.

Jim Ferner said "it matters not. I have to buy one sometime, so today is as good as any."

Nancy Ferner said "we moved here a week and a half ago, and we left our grill behind. We decided to buy a grill so we can cook outside, and enjoy some steak on the grill."

Shopping for cold weather items also has people thinking about ways to keep warm.

"Cover your windows with some weather stripping, some plastic, just to help keep the cold air from coming in," Veseth said.

"I've got about 30 cords of wood ready to burn, so I'm good for the cold to come on," Peters said.

Besides picking up a few winter necessities, many are preparing themselves mentally for the cold as well.

"I like the winter over the summer. I can keep warm when it's hot out, it's hard to get cool," Peters said.

"I hope it's just flurries," Veseth said.

"The storm doesn't frighten us, we'll hunker down and sit it out," Ferner said.

While a few people were checking out the snow blowers, ice melt and shovels seemed to be the most popular items.

Weather stripping and furnace filters were also popular. Many may have the furnace working overtime during the cold snap. It's also a good time to change the filter,  which an associate advised to change every three months.