Lack of toys for Toys for Tots in Lancaster County

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LANCASTER, Pa. - Toys, Lancaster County Toys for Tots organizers say they need them. This year more than 12,000 kids have been signed up to receive toys through their program and donations are low. The Lancaster based IT company One2One has stepped up help. Their office building is a collection site for toys and employees have donated toys.

"It would be phenomenal for us to be be able to reach that number because quite honestly, that is a lot and what that means is the community really came together to make it all happen. This is really a community effort," said Rachel Ballentine, One2One.

Students at Lancaster County Catholic are also collecting toys. If they reach their goal of 600 toys, 6 students will buzz their heads.

Donations can be dropped off at the Toys for Tots Distribution Center located at 501 Richardson Dr. in Lancaster.