Legal Smart: Online scams

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Pop up ads are all over the world wide web.

"We have sent internet scammers over $13 billion and our gullibility doesn't seem to be going away," legal expert Alsion Triessl said.

Clicking your way to cons has never been easier and fraudsters are cashing in.

"Every time there's a disaster; a hurricane, an earthquake, a tsunami.. we all want to reach into our pockets and help. But unfortunately scammers and predators take advantage of our altruism and they set up fake charitable sites," Triessl said.

They say if you believe you're a victim, freeze your bank accounts, change your passwords and let your card companies know immediately.  Also send emails to family and friends letting them know in case they receive something fraudulent too.

"Go online to the Internet Criminal Complaint Center.. to the IC3 and file a complaint. Believe it or not, despite how much volume there is, you will receive a response and it is the best way to address these issues," Triessl said.