AvalancheXpress in York Co. opens despite icy weather

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SPRING GARDEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The opening day for AvalancheXpress at Heritage Hills Golf Resort was Saturday,  but weather conditions were less than ideal.

But people came out to go tubing and have a good time anyway.

Donald Beardsley, the director of snow tubing at Heritage Hills said, "Being the first weekend, and with the weather, it's certainly not going to be the grand opening we prefer. But at least we're open, and it's certainly a change from last year when we didn't open until January 9."

People raced down the hill on tubes, laughing all the way. Some came all the way from Florida to enjoy the snow, and the icy roads weren't going to stop them..

Cheree Pruett, from St. Petersburg, Fla., said,  "I also have a four-year-old nephew who has never gone sledding or tubing or anything like that before. And this is his first time in the snow, so yeah it's really exciting to get to see his reaction and get to see him go down this huge hill behind me."

Only one lane was open for tubing, but officials with Heritage Hills said they expect to open up a couple more later this week, after the rain passes through Sunday.

Visitors said it's a great activity for hem this time of year, especially with their family.

Steven Bowling, from York Haven, said, "I love being outside, being out in the weather is really fun for me. And I like to keep my kids out and keep them engaged."

Even though it's still officially fall - Bowling said, "A lot of snow, a lot of rain, it makes me feel like it's actually winter."

The snow Saturday morning actually helped AvalancheXpress, creating better conditions for giving. And officials are celebrating that this is the fourth season in fourteen years that they can open the Xpress before Christmas.

Beardsley said, "It's just making snow, making enough snow. And Mother Nature certainly holds the key. And she's shining on us this year."